The Complimentary 30-Minute Assessment


What is the complimentary 30 minute assessment?  

The complimentary assessment is a half hour before your massage starts which is set aside for you and Alison to talk about your health history and current concerns as well as goals for massage.

Why have a 30 minutes assessment? What is the time used for?

The initial 30 minute assessment allows time for Alison to get to know first-time clients and their concerns. If simply booking a relaxing massage, the assessment allows time to get acquainted and discuss what styles of massage you’ve most enjoyed in the past.  When you are looking to address a specific bodily ache or pain, Alison will use the time to gather details about your discomfort and may include range of motion testing to help narrow down what ails you. If you have a complex medical history, 30 minutes allows plenty of time to discuss conditions and concerns.

How long will my actual appointment be?

When you booking the first appointment, length of the session will be extended by 30 minutes to allow time for the complimentary assessment. This means, when you book a 60-minute massage, the first sessions will run 90 minutes to allow time for the assessment. For those short on time, there is a 30-minute massage which runs for a 60 minute total session length when combined with the assessment.

Do assessments always run the full 30 minutes?

No, in some cases, the full 30 minutes is not needed. The session will start after Alison has gathered all the necessary information and answered all of your questions.

Do I have to do an assessment?

No, you are not required to take advantage of the assessment. You are welcome to book a regular massage session if you do not want to do an assessment.

What time should I show up for future appointments?

Future appointments are booked as regular massage times, i.e. 60 minutes for a 60-minute massage and 90 minutes for a 90-minute massage. For future appointments, you are always encouraged to show up 10 minutes prior to the official start time of your appointment to talk about how you are feeling and what you hope to get from massage that day