Relaxation Massage


Relaxation massage is aimed at calming the body and mind.

Also called Swedish Massage, this style of massage is one of the most popular styles in the United States and incorporates a variety of techniques aimed at reducing muscular tension, calming the mind and soothing the nervous system. Its benefits often extend much beyond the length of the session.

The techniques of the Swedish style include long, smooth gliding strokes which link together to create a sense of flow. During a Relaxation Massage, Alison brings in other techniques in such as light trigger point work, myofascial release, and passive stretching techniques so that each client gets the most out of his or her experience.

Before the session, Alison will always take time to ask questions and listen in order to best understand what issues and goals her clients have for each session in order to create a session that is tailored to each client’s unique needs.