Massage Therapists Alison Recommends


Here are other practitioners in the area that Alison believes provide quality services, listed in no particular order.

Nicole Miller of Balanced Body

Nicole has been working on perfecting her massage since becoming a massage therapist back in 2004. We all need a therapeutic massage to get those pesky knots out, yet we want to relax at the same time and drift into another world. Nicole feels she has found that perfect balance.  She went to school in Palo Alto CA at The Body Therapy Center and studied/practiced massage there for about two years. Her instructors were dedicated to their work which really came through when teaching their classes. Nicole started her first massage job in 2004 right after her basic massage training. From there she worked at several other full service spas, health clubs and boutique hotels. It wasn’t until Nicole moved to San Luis Obispo that she decided to open her own business. Nicole truly loves what she does and can’t wait to be a part of your wellness program.   

Previous client’s of Alison will find Nicole’s style most suitable to those who enjoyed relaxing or deep tissue massage styles.

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Jeremy Engel of Somatic Descent

Jeremy sees the body as a map, a spiritual guide speaking to us in symbology.  With the willingness to listen and follow that map, he feels it is possible to find clues that will help us know and care for ourselves on a deeper, more sustained level.

As a young adult, he began to break free from his family’s lineage of pain and suffering by exploring a variety of counseling and circling modalities. In spite of the adversity in his home life, he developed a daily practice that continues to sustain and inform his bodywork. That innate determination and resourcefulness soon carried him into his soul’s purpose as a healer.

With education and mentors in Gestalt, Watsu, Phenomenal Touch, Somatic Descent, and more, he strives to offer sessions that cultivate intimacy between soul and body, body and heart so that his clients can trust the inevitable transitions of life with greater ease and grace.

Jeremy’s sessions include full body massage along with body awareness & interactive somatic coaching which offers an opportunity to learn how to access deep rest, receptivity and revitalization of your body-mind system.

Current pain syndromes are focused on, providing a process of attaining freedom and lightness in your body-mind.  Each session builds rapport within the intuitive and informed aspects of one's essential self. So much more than a bodywork session!

Specializing in pain, anxiety, stress, personal growth, abuse/trauma history and those who need sincere loving touch. Most clients prefer a natural blend of styles which allows for their unique needs to be addressed in each moment.

Previous client’s of Alison will find Jeremy’s style most suitable to those who booked a relaxing massage.

Contact Jeremy at or by calling 352.562.1680


Sara Garofalo of Love Holistic Living

Sara Garofalo is a local Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Counselor and a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Certified in 2015 from both the California Holistic Institute and San Diego College of Ayurveda, she specializes in Eastern modalities and Prenatal massage. Originally from Italy, she moved to San Luis Obispo after years of traveling to pursue her passion of working in the holistic health & wellness field.

She loves providing therapeutic massages and working with natural herbs to help people who are seeking physical and emotional balance. In her bodywork practice, she blends Myofascial release techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage to create an individualized therapeutic experience.

Previous client’s of Alison will find Sara’s style most suitable to those who enjoyed a deep tissue massage.


Clay Van Schoyck of Empower Massage

Clay has lived in San Luis Obispo for around 30 years, and has been practicing massage therapy for over 5 of them. Empower Massage Therapy is born out of a strong desire to serve and help others. 

His desire is not only to help those in need through massage but introduce the full range of movement/health the human body is capable of achieving.  

Empower Massage Therapy offers intelligent bodywork to every body. Clay’s mission is to help people get back to doing what they love. He believes each person is a unique individual, and each person’s pain, tension, or impediment has a unique story requiring individualized care.

Previous client’s of Alison will find Clay’s style most suitable to those who enjoyed the specific-focus clinical massage.


Eunice Lee of Youu-Ness

Eunice has been practicing massage therapy for 15 years and specializes in ART® (Active Release Technique) and Sports Massage. Her journey began when, as a young aspiring concert pianist, she developed a repetitive strain hand injury and was successfully treated by a talented team of practitioners. This experience introduced Eunice to the field of bodywork and she was inspired to complete a 750 hour massage therapy program in Chicago in 2004. 

Eunice is passionate about advancing her knowledge and skills and has acquired full body certification in ART® (Active Release Technique) and advanced training in Nerve Entrapment. She is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and has studied methods of Structural Integration, Orthopedic Massage, and Sports Massage, and is currently studying Feldenkrais. Eunice is also a Board-Certified Music Therapist and has a Masters Degree in Music from Northwestern University. She has a unique interest in blending her background in the performing arts and bodywork to treat injured musicians. 

Eunice is passionate about customizing sessions to meet anyone who walks through the door whether an avid gardener, orchestral musician, computer worker, or athlete. She has a strong interest in injury prevention and pain management and enjoys providing high quality bodywork and massage therapy in San Luis Obispo County.

Previous client’s of Alison will find Eunice’s style most suitable to those who enjoyed the specific-focus clinical massage or deep tissue massage styles.