Services and Pricing

30-Minute Massage - $50

Best for treating specific areas of pain or tension, a 30-minute session allows you to address any area that's been bothering you.

60-Minute Massage - $75

Great for relaxing the mind and body, a 60-minute massage can be used to address areas of specific concern or can be used for a whole body, relaxing massage.

90-Minute Massage - $105

Great for complete stress and tension relief, the 90-minute massage provides ample time for  a relaxing full-body massage, while still focusing on two to three areas that require extra attention. This massage allows time for your mind to fully unwind and for your body to receive the most benefits from the session.

In select cases for client's with limited mobility or other personal limitations, Alison is available for off-site massage. All off site requests need to be discussed with Alison before booking. In addition, please note that there is an additional $15 fee for all off-site services. 


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